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Mount Kenya Routes

Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa and stands somewhat unjustly in the shadow of its taller neighbor Kilimanjaro, which lies some 320km away in the south and is visible on a clear day. Mount Kilimanjaro may see much more traffic – due to the possibility of summiting via several non-technical trekking routes and due to the sometimes dubious honor of being one of the Seven Summits – but Mount Kenya climbing routes offers a wealth of excellent and diverse climbing possibilities on rock, snow, and ice.

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Mt Kenya Naromoru-Sirimon Route (4 days)

This is most popular of all the routes that lead up to the Mountain. It is the steepest and the fastest way up Mt Kenya and ascends the mountain from the...

Mt kenya Sirimon-Sirimon Route(4 Days)

Moutains are calling! As hikers & adventurers, A Great Hike is our oasis. It provides a sense of fulfillment & serenity. As we trek up the greatest...

Mt Kenya Technical Climb(Batian 5199m)

Day 1: Nairobi – Sirimon Gate – Old Moses Camp. Pick up at your Nairobi hotel at 07:00am and drive through the Central Highlands...

Mt Kenya Chogoria-Sirimon Route(4-5 Days)

Mt. Kenya is one of the places every human should visit at least once in a lifetime. It offers a wholesome experience of fun and connection with oneself...

Mt Kenya Sirimon-Chogoria Route(4-5 Days)

Moutains are calling! As hikers & adventurers, A Great Hike...